Sunday, August 30, 2009

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sometimes, you don't know whether to eat it or roll in it...

- Dog food
- Cat food
- Human food
- Paper/cardboard
- Chew toys
- Power cords
- Cotton buds
- Cat poop
- Goose/guinea fowl poop
- Rat poop
- Horse/cow poop
- Toads
- Decaying animals
- Labels

Roll in:
- Deer poop
- Bird poop
- Dead insects
- Carpet cleaner
- Smelly mud

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Another lovely day for Maddie

Today was another good day for Molly.

After I got back from volunteering at the shelter, we went up to the tennis court for an hour again. As we walked towards the gate to the court, she got very excited and started pulling as usual. She's very obedient, though - I made her sit and stay while I stepped out of the court to close the gate and she waited patiently. As soon as I let her off the leash, she went into the "ready?!" pose and impatienty waited for me to hit the ball. After a few hits she stopped going for it, and at that point I gave her water and sat with her. The weather was lovely again, so I didn't mind spending some time out there. Turns out being outside can give you a nice tan!

It's quite funny to play with her while she has her ball. I run backwards, and she chases me, then I chase her and she runs backwards. "I want you to have this ball.. not really! But seriously, here ya go.. Psych!" I really do love you Molly. You are a great dog :)

This is Molly impersonating a hound. Another silly expression resulting from "ready?!"

Bring it back!

I just love how her tongue is hanging out in this picture!

The Molly Lope

Pretty girl!

She really looks very happy here. This is what happens on the way back from the tennis court, as soon as she finds a patch of shaded grass. It has to be in the shade or it's no good. There is no convincing Molly to get up when she is shimmying.

After tennis, she was overjoyed to be told that we were "going big tats" (going on a journey). She happily hopped in Chris's car and off we went to his house. We met Chris's family and Dodger and Velvet at their local park so Velvet and Molly could burn off some energy. If they play for a while at the park, it makes Molly much more manageable while in the house. She eventually got to be a bit of a pain, barking and mouthing, so we left. She slept like a brick on the way home, as usual (she reacts like a baby when in a car - she's usually asleep before we leave the driveway!). She's currently passed out in front of the TV. Sweet dreams!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Lovely weather we're having

It's gorgeous out at the moment. Sunny, but cool and breezy.

I really enjoy walking Molly when the weather is like this - I was out with her for an hour! I took her down the wooded trail and then up to the tennis court. She's getting better with her recall - there was a time when she wouldn't come back. Silly stubborn Weimaroo! The trick? Act completely silly when she comes back. Whatever works!

I wish I had had my camera with me when we were up at the tennis court though. We played fetch a little, then she must have got tired because she wouldn't run any more. Each time I would hit the ball, she would just stand there. So I walk to get the ball, and when I turn round she is laying down and has this completely daft expression on her face. Her nose is in the air, her mouth open, and her ears back. I have to get a picture next time I'm out with her - it's hilarious! I did take one on my phone, but it didn't capture her expression very well. Here it is:

I remembered to take water with me this time - she is always tired by the time we get to the tennis court so she doesn't run too much. I gave her some water and sat in the shade with her for a bit, then she found an energy deposit and was ready to play fetch again. She's getting really good at bringing the ball back and dropping it (or letting my take it from her) which makes the game a little more enjoyable for me.

Miss Molly is now sleeping it off, getting ready for the next assault.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

On a walk, Molly likes to...


Roll in the mud...

Eat the mud...

Wait for me to throw the stick...

Retrieve the stick...

Crawl through the grass... (we theorize that she does this because the grass feels cool on her belly)

Relax in the grass...

"Oh yeah. That's nice."

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I guess Molly REALLY doesn't like mornings...

This morning I was woken up by Miss Molly at 6:30. I had planned to sleep until 7:30, so I forgot to switch the alarm off. After receiving a text message from my friend telling me that Molly was on CO, I came up stairs to use the computer. So I'm sitting there, posting the news everywhere I could think of, when Molly's ears prick up and she pegs it down stairs. Then I hear "rooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOooo!" from downstairs. I go down and realize that the alarm was going off. Molly REALLY objected to the fact that there was no one there to turn it off. I thought it was hilarious that the silly thing was howling at the alarm!

Molly made it onto CuteOverload!

I'm just... so proud! I'd like to thank the acadamy...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Look what Auntie Donna bought me!

Nom... nom nom

Nom nom nom...


I have decided that you must be able to hear better when you tilt your head on a 45 degree angle. For example:

"What did you say?"





"I understand perfectly."

Friday, August 14, 2009

Some days, you just don't want to get out of bed

Today has been a lazy day for us. We slept until about 10! At which point Molly decided that we had had QUITE enough sleep and that it was time to pummel my face with her paws.

She was spayed on Monday and we are supposed to keep her quiet for 2 weeks - shes's not doing very well with that. You wouldn't have even thought she was anesthetised. I have quite a funny story from the other day...

Molly likes to bury things. We have found her bones/chewies in our bed, behind the couch pillows, and she even tried to bury one under ME the other week! She's so cute, she'll dig the "hole", place the bone there, and then use her nose to push the "dirt" back over the bone. Apparently my leg doesn't work very well as dirt, though. Blankets are much better! And if we see where she hid it, she'll go get it and find a new spot.
Because of her spay, they said if we must walk her (yes, we must!) to take her on short leash walks. She is getting one per day. I think thats the minimum I can do! So the lack of exercise is leaving her rather bored. We have been trying to give her lots of chewies, stuffed kongs, etc to keep her quiet, and then I remembered I had got her a raw beef bone. I defrosted it and gave it to her. So she was happily licking away, and I got up to get a drink. I go back into the living room and Molly is gone.
"Where's Molly?"
"Oh she took her bone down stairs"
"Oh ok, she'll probably just bury it in the couch down there or something"
Enter Molly. With cat litter all over her nose.
"Oh dear."
Sure enough, I find her bone buried in the litter box. I brought it back up stairs to show everyone and Molly sits in front of me with this deranged, excited look on her face. "Gimme! It's better now - it tastes like cat snacks!"

Oh Molly. We love you.

(I love this picture of her. In the top right corner, there is a picture of Ben that I have on my wall. It's like she's thinking about him)