Friday, August 14, 2009

Some days, you just don't want to get out of bed

Today has been a lazy day for us. We slept until about 10! At which point Molly decided that we had had QUITE enough sleep and that it was time to pummel my face with her paws.

She was spayed on Monday and we are supposed to keep her quiet for 2 weeks - shes's not doing very well with that. You wouldn't have even thought she was anesthetised. I have quite a funny story from the other day...

Molly likes to bury things. We have found her bones/chewies in our bed, behind the couch pillows, and she even tried to bury one under ME the other week! She's so cute, she'll dig the "hole", place the bone there, and then use her nose to push the "dirt" back over the bone. Apparently my leg doesn't work very well as dirt, though. Blankets are much better! And if we see where she hid it, she'll go get it and find a new spot.
Because of her spay, they said if we must walk her (yes, we must!) to take her on short leash walks. She is getting one per day. I think thats the minimum I can do! So the lack of exercise is leaving her rather bored. We have been trying to give her lots of chewies, stuffed kongs, etc to keep her quiet, and then I remembered I had got her a raw beef bone. I defrosted it and gave it to her. So she was happily licking away, and I got up to get a drink. I go back into the living room and Molly is gone.
"Where's Molly?"
"Oh she took her bone down stairs"
"Oh ok, she'll probably just bury it in the couch down there or something"
Enter Molly. With cat litter all over her nose.
"Oh dear."
Sure enough, I find her bone buried in the litter box. I brought it back up stairs to show everyone and Molly sits in front of me with this deranged, excited look on her face. "Gimme! It's better now - it tastes like cat snacks!"

Oh Molly. We love you.

(I love this picture of her. In the top right corner, there is a picture of Ben that I have on my wall. It's like she's thinking about him)

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