Monday, August 24, 2009

Lovely weather we're having

It's gorgeous out at the moment. Sunny, but cool and breezy.

I really enjoy walking Molly when the weather is like this - I was out with her for an hour! I took her down the wooded trail and then up to the tennis court. She's getting better with her recall - there was a time when she wouldn't come back. Silly stubborn Weimaroo! The trick? Act completely silly when she comes back. Whatever works!

I wish I had had my camera with me when we were up at the tennis court though. We played fetch a little, then she must have got tired because she wouldn't run any more. Each time I would hit the ball, she would just stand there. So I walk to get the ball, and when I turn round she is laying down and has this completely daft expression on her face. Her nose is in the air, her mouth open, and her ears back. I have to get a picture next time I'm out with her - it's hilarious! I did take one on my phone, but it didn't capture her expression very well. Here it is:

I remembered to take water with me this time - she is always tired by the time we get to the tennis court so she doesn't run too much. I gave her some water and sat in the shade with her for a bit, then she found an energy deposit and was ready to play fetch again. She's getting really good at bringing the ball back and dropping it (or letting my take it from her) which makes the game a little more enjoyable for me.

Miss Molly is now sleeping it off, getting ready for the next assault.

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