Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Another lovely day for Maddie

Today was another good day for Molly.

After I got back from volunteering at the shelter, we went up to the tennis court for an hour again. As we walked towards the gate to the court, she got very excited and started pulling as usual. She's very obedient, though - I made her sit and stay while I stepped out of the court to close the gate and she waited patiently. As soon as I let her off the leash, she went into the "ready?!" pose and impatienty waited for me to hit the ball. After a few hits she stopped going for it, and at that point I gave her water and sat with her. The weather was lovely again, so I didn't mind spending some time out there. Turns out being outside can give you a nice tan!

It's quite funny to play with her while she has her ball. I run backwards, and she chases me, then I chase her and she runs backwards. "I want you to have this ball.. not really! But seriously, here ya go.. Psych!" I really do love you Molly. You are a great dog :)

This is Molly impersonating a hound. Another silly expression resulting from "ready?!"

Bring it back!

I just love how her tongue is hanging out in this picture!

The Molly Lope

Pretty girl!

She really looks very happy here. This is what happens on the way back from the tennis court, as soon as she finds a patch of shaded grass. It has to be in the shade or it's no good. There is no convincing Molly to get up when she is shimmying.

After tennis, she was overjoyed to be told that we were "going big tats" (going on a journey). She happily hopped in Chris's car and off we went to his house. We met Chris's family and Dodger and Velvet at their local park so Velvet and Molly could burn off some energy. If they play for a while at the park, it makes Molly much more manageable while in the house. She eventually got to be a bit of a pain, barking and mouthing, so we left. She slept like a brick on the way home, as usual (she reacts like a baby when in a car - she's usually asleep before we leave the driveway!). She's currently passed out in front of the TV. Sweet dreams!

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